Yerkin Tatishev is the Founder and Chairman of the Executive Directors Board of “Kusto Group” holding. He was born on January 22, 1976, in Kentau city, South Kazakhstan area, Republic of Kazakhstan. Yerkin Tatishev became an adult in the consequence of the crumple of the USSR in Kazakhstan. Long periods of under-venture and fumble had done critical harm to the nation’s framework and businesses. As an understudy at Moscow State Management University and observer to these progressions, Tatishev saw that the hardest hit by these conditions were single-asset towns and networks, whose flourishing was fixing to a biological community of between ward mines, plants and assembling units. Mr. Yerkin Tatishev moved on from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Information Science on Finances and Credit specialization and from Kazakh State Law Academy, with the degree in Law. From 1998 till 2004 he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kostanay Minerals” and “Orenburg Minerals” JSC. From 2004 till 2009 he was Member of the Board of Directors of “Bank TuranAlem” JSC. Since 2005 he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kusto Group” holding. Furthermore, from 2007 till 2009 he was Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sekerbank T.A.S.”. Furthermore, since 2013, he has been Member of the Board of Trustees of “Almaty Administration University”. With a Net Worth of 4.7 Million, Yerkin Tatishev is in number 9th place of the top 10 richest people in Kazakhstan this year 2018.

Yerkin Tatishev is the organizer and executive of Kusto Group. He began as a business person in single-industry towns in Kazakhstan, pivoting sickly mining and assembling ventures in the outcome of the fall of the Soviet Union. Today, Kusto Group works crosswise over five segments, including agri-business and land, working in 10 nations over the globe, utilizing in excess of 8,000 staff. Notwithstanding his business advantages, Yerkin Tatishev built up the Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation in 2005, named after his late sibling, which bolsters Kazakhstan’s childhood to build up their abilities in business, back, and industry.

Yerkin Tatishev vision is to make good tales about Kazakhstan that have an attractive effect on the perusers by creating tremendous nature of high life environment where new fun and colorful memories can be born and not forgotten in South Kazakhstan. There will also be room for hiking, snowboarding, hunting and lots of adventures to catch up on. Starting late the expense of the association’s stock has recovered, yet hurt has been done to the more broad perspective of corporate usage of data. Despite data assembling obviously transforming into a ‘muddled articulation’, Kusto Group shouldn’t race to condemn. Reproaching data gathering ignores the creating number of parts where this advancement is bringing sudden points of interest, instead of hurt. Kusto Group also tried to buy a Chain restaurant in Singapore during late 2014 but was unsuccessful in that transaction.


Farming offers the ideal case of how enhanced information accumulation is helping producers, herders, and purchasers. A month ago, the EU’s Agriculture Commissioner portrayed the development of new rural advances as a ‘win-win circumstance’. He can’t help but concur and would stretch out the definition to the intensity of information gathering. The information-driven micromanagement of fields, satellite checking of products and arrangement of automatons to study land and animals epitomize how cultivating is now profiting by information gathering. At the point when the cultivating business benefits, everybody on the planet benefits. Information-driven cultivating and fitting product administration are being embraced in beforehand unheard of ways – directors are currently ready to utilize cell phones, tablets, sensors and satellites to comprehend rural execution in surprising point of interest.

At Kusto Group, Yerkin Tatishev and his firm chose to send these instruments to our tasks in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, with an end goal to get the best class innovation to the market. Today, they investigate hardware development information, yields, and the speed of development. Be that as it may, this is just the start. Kusto Group is additionally building up the capacity to transmit exact information from the field to central command in only minutes. Thus, Kusto Group can give a higher quality item while remaining focused with bigger, more settled rural activities. Along these lines of working would have been an unadulterated dream in the not so distant past, bound to sci-fi. Presently it is turning into a fundamental reality. Agribusiness is setting a standard for how different areas not exclusively could yet work. Rather than harvests, it’ll be speculations. Rather than soil PH, it’ll be assets. However, they offer a look at how information gathering can be connected to the advantage of networks, organizations, and buyers a long ways past horticulture.

Those which neglect to saddle the maximum capacity of new innovation empowered precise information and prepare their workforces in like manner are ensured to fall behind. The sources of Kusto’s information-driven methodology lie here in the understanding that just by trailing one can be able to remain focused. Enterprises, for example, agribusiness are quickly requiring less and less human association. This fervently discussed wonder is influencing all business sectors and strolls of life. Groundbreaking organizations are concentrating their endeavors on retraining their current workforce to mirror the requirement for more specialized aptitudes in an inexorably cutting-edge time. In Ukraine, Kusto utilizes uniquely prepared classrooms at the home office of agrarian hardware goliath John Deere, to guarantee their workforce has the learning and aptitudes they require in the field (both actually and allegorically). Knowing they have a workforce prepared for the undertaking empowers them to be more intrepid and bolder in receiving a more information-driven, cutting-edge approach.

Information-driven basic leadership opens-up a universe of beforehand unattainable conceivable outcomes. Those chiefs of industry that neglect to perceive the need to invest energy, cash, and assets on both the innovation and the essential aptitudes are as of now falling behind. Be that as it may, to completely understand the great capability of tech-driven information, they should recover the positive meanings of information gathering.

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